A Man Named Cash – a Tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter

Friday, April 07, 2023


“A Man Named Cash – a Tribute to Johnny Cash and June Carter” is the premier tribute to the music and lives of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash starring-Eric Hofmanis and Megan Houde!

Recognized by Cash fans as one of the most honest and true representations of Johnny Cash live in concert, join Eric as he takes you on an exciting musical journey through the music and legacy of Johnny Cash-spanning nearly 50 years of music from his earliest days at Sun Recording in the 1950s through his final days and musical rebirth with American Recordings in the 2000s. Eric’s astonishingly deep voice and even deeper embodiment of Cash’s character often has audiences utterly transfixed in their seats – performing classics as varied as his first 1956 Billboard #1 hit “I Walk The Line” to the 2004 GRAMMY® Award-winning “Hurt.”

Eric is joined by Megan Houde (as June Carter) whose natural presence alone adds an essential brightness to The Man In Black. Their on-stage chemistry (much like the real Cash and Carter) is undeniable, at times unpredictable and genuinely charming and uplifting. The room does indeed light up each time Megan walks on stage throughout each performance, bringing with her the perfect embodiment of hope, joy, love and lightheartedness that Cash’s music often spoke of as what was missing in the world.

Backed by the “Adirondack Four” band featuring guitarist Scotty Mac, whose incredible ability to recreate the guitar stylings of Luther Perkins, Bob Wootton and Carl Perkins all in one, makes “A Man Named Cash” an absolutely one-of-a-kind musical experience and a tribute to the music of Johnny Cash as never seen before.