UPH Community Stories: The Roblees

We love hearing stories from community members about their experiences inside UPH!
At a recent event, we met Bea and John Roblee. They are so happy we are renovating the building because they got married in it in 1963 when it was a Methodist church. They were kind enough to share their photos with us. 
Their wedding was held upstairs in the “Great Hall” and all the trim in the room was “robin’s egg blue”. In the 1960s, the floor was linoleum in this part of the building. Can you imagine?! 

The reception was held downstairs in the smaller Community Room. 
Check out the photo below of their wedding party posing in front of the huge pipe organ that filled the “apse” upstairs in the Great Hall. The organ is no longer part of UPH because as the building deteriorated there was theft and vandalism done to its parts.  The cost to restore the organ was over $500,000 and not financially feasible. Instead, we donated the remaining pieces to an organization in San Diego, CA who salvaged all that remained to be used in other organs.

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